January 31, 2023
Two Happy Nomads Living On The Open Road

The Story of Us

Hey Y’all, Candi here! I’m sitting here in New Mexico at Angel Fire RV Resort on our 22nd day on the road listening to Free Bird and watching David give the Gladiator its first wash, and I wanted to take some time to share with you all who we are and what we’re about.

How we Met

David and I met about 5 years ago. We were neighbors. But before that, I was fresh out of college looking to buy my first home, and David was in real estate. He showed a townhome to my dad and me and I loved it!! But I wasn’t quite ready to buy and someone else bought that home within a couple weeks. A month went by and I bought a different townhome in the neighborhood and used a different realtor. Oops! In my defense, I knew nothing about real estate at the time and was shy to call David about showing me another home, but now it’s one of David’s favorite stories to tell when people ask how we met.

How we Began

Here’s the real kicker. David lived in the neighborhood I bought in. Me buying a home from someone else didn’t ruin everything, and one spring night he invited me to come outside and fly his drone. Now that I know him I’m shocked he let me do this because I’m not so sure he’d let me fly his drone today. HAHA. We hit it off and became great friends. We would walk together in the neighborhood almost every night, watch movies, sit by the neighborhood fire pit, and eat lots of Dominos Pizza and Chipotle. After a couple years, David moved from the neighborhood and we went our separate ways.

Last year, God brought us back together. Every great relationship starts as a friendship, right?! We picked up right where we left off. We enjoy the same things and quickly became inseparable. We were at the gym working out everyday, off on Jeep adventures every weekend, and of course, enjoying great food along the way.

How we got to this place in space

David still works in real estate, and his job allows him to operate remotely. My field is insurance, and in January of 2020 I found myself unemployed. We went on a three week road trip to the Florida Key’s in January and our trip inspired us to travel full-time. On our way back from the Key’s, we stopped at Airstream of Tampa and toured our first Basecamp X. We fell in love with it and were on our way to Colfax, North Carolina to pick up one of our own within a week. Our original plan was to leave on May 11th. Before leaving, we had many things to accomplish. David sold multiple properties, including my townhome (I sort of made up for not buying it from him originally by having him sell it!) HAHA. We also wanted to save as much money as possible, so I worked at Chili’s as a server for 3 months. All of this was not easy to get done in 3.5 months, especially with COVID-19, so we delayed our leaving until June 9th and we feel that the timing was perfect!

Our plan is to be on the road at least a year. We want to see the country and live big while we’re young and able because if you wait until retirement, who knows if you’ll feel like doing the things you dreamed of anymore? How successful we are working remotely will largely determine how long we will be on the road. On our journey, we hope to meet people and make friends, work remotely, live frugally while also having so much fun, learn about new places in our country we’ve never experienced, and we hope to inspire and help people along the way. If you’ve read this far, thank you! We are excited for you to follow along on our journey. Stay tuned for more!

If you have been or are currently on a similar journey, please feel free to leave us advice, or stories of your adventures below.


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