January 31, 2023
Two Happy Nomads Living On The Open Road

My Top 10 Items for RV Life

Every person living on the road has a few items that they absolutely love having with them. They might even feel as if they could not live without these items. I am going to share my top 10 items that I am super glad to have with me. We have been living on the road for exactly forty days at the time of this writing. There is always some trial and error for each person as the advance through their nomadic journey. Mine has led me to share with you the following items.

1. E Bikes ( Rad Power Bikes )

Ebikes are something that take up a lot of space when traveling. For us there was no question that we wanted to have them on board. We load them inside of our Airstream Basecamp X when we are on the move. They are our go to mode of transportation around campsites. It makes it easy to visit with neighbors who are on the other side of the grounds. Our e bikes also allow us to go downtown or to nearby restaurants in bike friendly towns. I sometimes load my Rad Bike Mini’s front rack up with a pizza or a dirty bag of laundry. Theses are one of the items on the list that I can officially so is a “game changer”. If you want to be incredibly mobile once you park then consider an ebike. We got ours from RadPower Bikes.

2. GPS – Garmin RV 785 with Dash Cam

Goggle maps are fantastic on our smartphones. Paper maps are also an excellent tool. Along with those two things I have the Garmin RV 785 mounted. What I like most about this GPS is that it takes the size of your travel trailer or RV into consideration. The trailer we currently have is only sixteen feet long but it is still good to know if we are about to turn down a road that dead ends. It can be a long stressful back up out of one of these roads. My second favorite thing about this unit is simply the fact that it is NOT google maps. As they say in the army “Two is one, and one is none” definitely applies to navigation. There are times when Garmin routes better than google. Other times google maps is the winner. Do some research and see which unit has the features you need. The RV 785 also has a built in dashcam. I will do a full review on this unit in a future post. Until then you can rest assured that you can find your way with your rig with this GPS. If you want to research more you can do so here Garmin RV 785

3. Bluetooth Speaker – UE Blast

While this item is not even close to a necessity it is something that I love. I use my UE Blast bluetooth speaker every single day. If you love music then you already know how important a bluetooth speaker is. Music makes every moment have so much more depth. I choose to use the UE Blast because it puts sound out into the world in a 360 degree pattern. This sound profile is much more pleasing around the campsite because it sounds the same from all directions. The size is not too large so it takes up very little space. The unit is also completely waterproof. You can throw it into the pool without damaging it. Get yourself this a good bluetooth speaker, sign up for a great music service, and start jamming.

Highly Recommended

4. Portable Grill – Weber Q1200 Airstream Edition

This item is by far one of my most favorites. If you enjoy grilled food but think it is difficult while camping or living full time on the road this grill is the solution for you. The Weber Q1200 is the perfect size for travel. It has a 189 square inches of premium cooking space. This little power house can sear steaks at temps around 600 degrees. Not bad for a grill that runs off the little green bottles. You can also hook this directly to a regular propane tank if you want to do a lot of cooking. We purchased the Airstream edition which hooks directly to the on board LP ( low pressure ) system. No need for hauling bottles. Just plug up the quick disconnect hose and start grilling.

5. Insulated Hydration Bottle – Cambelbak Chute Mag

Water is the source of life here on earth. Our bodies are over 90% water which means we must stay hydrated. When traveling I find that the best vessel for water is the 32oz Camelbak Chute Mag bottle with magnetic top. It keeps ice cold for a long time. Cold water is always nice when the outside temperature is super high. The bottle fits in the cup holder of our Gladiator. I like the durability. When traveling your gear will for sure take some drops, knocks, and bumps. You want to purchase quality gear that won’t break down when you need it most. Yes you can find a more affordable option but I think the price for the Camelbak is worth it. I feel like it will be with me for a long time providing me with both super cold and hot liquid goodness. Check out the Chute Mag Bottle

6. Cooler – Yeti 24

Following up on my desire to keep cold things cold let me introduce the Yeti Roadie 24. A recently redesigned cooler for 2020. This awesome cooler is a unique shape being a bit taller than wider. The website says this is for accommodating a bottle of wine but why I love it is because it fits perfectly in the back of a truck underneath tonneau cover. The newer model has much improved latches that not only look better than the previous rubber ones but also function better. Yeti states that the new version of the Roadie “10% lighter weight, holds 20% more, and even performs 30% better thermally than its legendary predecessor“. I find those claims to be true. This cooler is by far one of my most favorite travel items. We use it as a second refrigerator. They have trays that go in the top which are great for keeping things that need to be cool but not ice cold. If you are considering a travel cooler this one gets our vote. Yeti Roadie 24

7. Hand Vacuum – Dyson Trigger

This item was highly debated when we were packing for our year long trip. I was thinking that it wouldn’t be totally necessary. In fact I considered a small broom instead. Ultimately I opted to bring this little hand held wonder of a vacuum and I am sure glad I did. It gets used every single day. You see living in less than 100 sqft you can make a mess quickly. Not to mention the constant in and out of trailer life. So in the mornings and evenings we use this to quickly clean the floor. I would highly recommend purchasing a hand held Dyson if you are going to be full timing. These items are pricey but if you wait for a sale such as Black Friday and purchase the previous year model you can save up to $200. Don’t take my word for it… just hope over to our instagram page and admire our amazingly clean floors! Check out the Dyson here

We also use this amazing device to eradicate the bugs that fly inside at night. It has turned into a fun arcade like game.

8. Minimalist Shoes – Converse Chuck Taylors Low

The gym. Hiking. Dinner. Travel days. I wear the Converse Chuck Taylor Low profile shoe everywhere. The pair I have now are light grey and have been to Alaska and back. Seven years of traveling and being packed into motorcycle bags ( how I used to travel ) yet the shoes are still going strong. Now let me say that I am extremely fond of Crocs for the best all around footwear. The Croc is definitely better in camp showers or rivers than the Converse shoe. However sometimes you just want to “lace up”. That is wear the real shoe shines. I fell like that flat bottom makes them almost perfect for working out. Now if you plan to do long long hikes then I would recommend an actually hiking shoe. For almost everything else get yourself a pair of “Chucks”. While you are buying a pair make sure they are fun and unique to match your awesome personal style. Buy Chucks Here

9. Clip Fan – Opolar Rechargeable Camp Fan

This is an item on the top ten list that absolutely can make your camper much more enjoyable. At only $39 at the time of writing this fan is an incredible value. This is no ordinary fan that you find on the shelf at your local sporting good store. Someone put serious thought in this device. The fan starts by allowing you not only to set it anywhere with a wide base but also to clip it using an oversized clip with two different size options. I hang ours from a metal storage bar above our bed. The next great thing about this fan is that it will rotate to point in almost any direction. If that isn’t enough awesome then you have 3 speed settings. They are low, medium, and high. I have never needed high. Also it has a rechargeable battery that you can charge using either usb-c or micro usb. I am so thankful that I found this incredible fan. You can read the reviews on Amazon to see how great this fan is. If you don’t love heat and want a supplement to your AC then order this fan. You can thank me later. Opolar Fan

10. Cutting & Serving Board – Sonder LA

We have all seen those amazing Instagram pictures of a tasty looking charcuterie board. All the cheeses, fancy deli meats, and usually pickles. You need the right board to serve guest and yourself such delights. You also need the right board to slice meats after you take them off the grill. A small but rapidly growing business named Sonder LA must have known that a board that could do both would be a BIG DEAL so they created one. I snapped it up as soon as I saw it. This board is nothing short of amazing for use in our Basecamp. It has so many uses. It is beautiful. Plus you are supporting a locally owned business. On top of their great ingenuity they also have fantastic customer service. Like rapid fire customer service. If you want to up your outdoor or indoor serving game consider one of the boards from Sonder. I love mine. Sonder LA

So there we have it. My top 10 list of items that I love for RV life. I hope you find this helpful in guiding you along your journey toward your goal. While I am currently living on the road and enjoying every minute of it there is definitely a learning curve. Is this my complete list of items. Not even close. Maybe next time I will make a list just for “Outdoors” or a “Kitchen” list. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below if you found this helpful or if you would like to see my list for outdoor or kitchen.

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