January 31, 2023
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Airstream of Tampa Review


"To open a whole world of new experiences... a new dimension in enjoyment where travel adventure and good fellowship are your constant companions."

~ Wally Byam ( 1896-1962 ) Airstream Founder


Airstream of Tampa is conveniently located in Dover, Florida, just outside of Tampa off State Road 400. The location can be hard to initially find using Google Maps, as you will get off State Road 400 and onto McIntosh Road, and the directions will then lead you to RV One Superstores Tampa, directly behind McDonald’s and Raceway. You will find the parking lot filled with RV’s, but not an Airstream in sight. You may feel lost, but Airstream of Tampa is actually a division of RV One Superstores Tampa. If you drive straight through the parking lot, you will find a short road that will lead you to the state of the art facility that is Airstream of Tampa.

Sales Department

We stopped in on a Sunday afternoon knowing we were interested in the Basecamp. We had the pleasure of working with Tyler Calabro and he took great care of us. He gave us a tour of the 2020 Basecamp X displayed in the showroom, and showed us and told us everything we needed to know about the Basecamp, Airstream, and the RV lifestyle. Tyler also answered all our questions in a professional manner, and he was not at all “pushy” throughout the process. If you are interested in purchasing an Airstream and are in the Tampa area, I would highly suggest making a trip to Airstream of Tampa and asking for Tyler. He is very knowledgable and you will be in great hands. We didn’t work with anyone else in the sales department directly, but from what I could tell, you would have a similar experience with any representative you work with. Everyone was very professional, and it is evident Airstream of Tampa takes pride in their staff.

Service Department

We didn’t work directly with the representatives in the service department, but I would imagine your experience with them would be just as awesome as our experience with Tyler in sales. Airstream of Tampa is committed to employing some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the business. Just take it from KV Day who reviews their recent visit to the Airstream of Tampa service department by stating “We had warranty work done on our 2019 trailer, they were extremely professional and the team, in the shop, worked together to assist each other, WOW! We were also accommodated by 2 overnight stays as warranty work dictated. Superb technicians & managers. Thanks!” There are more positive reviews to be read below as well.


The facility was immaculate. As you walk in, you will see small model Airstream’s from years past showcased throughout the showroom, as well as three different Airstream models being showcased for clients to explore. The dealership also houses The World’s First 360 Airstream Factory Tour. You will walk into a small room, take a seat, and you’re surrounded by a 360 degree projection screen. The experience lasts roughly 20 minutes and it provides a behind the scenes look at producing Airstreams and all the components that go into the process. I would highly recommend investing the time to partake in the tour, as you will gain a new appreciation for your Airstream trailer, or your future Airstream trailer by watching first hand how they are designed tough and durable using rivets for long-lasting journeys to take you “wherever the four winds blow,” as founder Wally Byam famously states. After your tour, you can grab a cup of the complimentary Starbucks coffee offered at Airstream of Tampa and browse the gift shop. To top it all off, everything including the restrooms are squeaky clean. Even if you’re not in the market to purchase an Airstream trailer, but find yourself in the area, I would highly suggest spending some time at Airstream of Tampa.


As we decided to embark on full-time travel, the Airstream Basecamp was our top contender for a travel trailer. We visited Airstream of Tampa on our way back to Georgia from vacationing in Florida, and we knew as soon as we left that we would undoubtedly be the future owners of an Airstream Basecamp. We had one of our own within a week. If our experience had been different, or if we happened upon a different Airstream dealership, rather than Airstream of Tampa, it is possible we would’ve gone in a different direction altogether, or purchased a different brand RV. If you’re in the market to purchase an Airstream trailer and are in the area, passing through, or even within a couple hundred miles, I can’t stress enough how strongly I recommend checking this place out. It is an outstanding establishment across the board, and we are extremely thankful to have had the experience we did.

ROAP Dealer Rating


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