January 31, 2023
Two Happy Nomads Living On The Open Road

Airstream of Oklahoma

On our third night on the road, we stayed in Arkansas at Lake Dardanelle State Park and we decided it was time to use our own shower. David turned the hot water heater on and the water didn’t get hot, but heat started coming out of the vents in our Basecamp X. It was hot in Arkansas so that’s the last thing we wanted. We were headed west and would be going through Oklahoma the next day, so we used Google Maps to find that we would be going directly past Airstream of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City! We called them and confirmed they could take a look at it so we made plans to stop by on our way through.

When we arrived, the staff was waiting for us and the technician, Charlie, checked our hot water heater and the same problem happened for him. He advised us to stay in town and bring our Basecamp X back to him the following day for a more thorough evaluation. That night, we explored Edmund, and we stayed next door at the Camping World affiliated with the dealership. We stayed in the parking lot of Camping World for two nights and had a great experience!

The staff at this dealership were really helpful. I liked the fact that they brought us back to speak with the technician directly. It helps greatly with the communication process to be able to speak with the technician. There was a nice waiting area that provided free bottled water and wifi. Also the restrooms were some of the nicest I have ever seen.

The Location

This dealership is located a bit north of downtown. It makes it much easier to navigate there. It is adjacent to the interstate.

Overall I would give this dealer a 4 out of 5 stars.

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